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Research papers are very intensive, and are intended to take everything you have accumulated over the course of your academic study or research project, and put it all together in one place, where it can be easily read and understood by teachers and professors who are responsible for then giving you a grade for it. Not only is this grade for your paper itself, but it also has wider implications for your academic and professional career, so it’s vital to get the assignment absolutely right, with no room at all for error or misunderstanding.

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This is why, even if you are an excellent student when it comes to learning, you can still fall down on the basis that you might not be extremely good at writing, or you may become bogged down in all the work you have done on the research project itself and be unable to work out how to present it as a single assignment that anyone else can properly understand.

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Whatever you do, you should not make your research paper generic and you should definitely not copy anybody else’s work, either someone you know or anything you find online.

The reasons for this are threefold:
  • Firstly, your research paper is likely to fall foul of a CopyScape test because if you have copied it from the internet it will come up in a plagiarism search even if you think you have altered it sufficiently.
  • Secondly, if you have copied your research paper from a classmate or other student then your professors will eventually find this out, because they are always on the lookout for this kind of activity.
  • Finally, in taking an existing research paper and altering it to fit you and your project, you do a disservice to your project and can confuse and spoil the good work you have done so far by trying to present it in a form which was not made for it. This can lead to a low grade for your research paper even if the paper you copied was given a high grade.

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Finally, and most importantly of all, they will write a research paper that is completely plagiarism free, and will pass CopyScape and any other test with ease.

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